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True Words Aren’t Eloquent | Quote of the Week ~ Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu quote (meme) from Tao Te Ching, 81.

Tweet: True words aren’t eloquent; eloquent words aren’t true.

Not the most typical quote from a writer. Paradoxical in fact—as all truths seem—when you consider the words themselves are both eloquent and true.

This space, built for a sharing of personal thoughts and opinions, usually takes on a lighter tone. “Light and bright” is the way of social media, and anything “media” on the web.

I’d like to invite you to slow down, just a bit. Slow. Down. S-l-o-w. D-o-w-n.

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Photos | Sam’s Town Point


Even in the days of digital, waiting for photos to “develop” is one part anticipation and another part down-right nervousness.

Well, I’m happy to report we’ve got a set of shots back from photographer Geofferson Cole for a show Ben and I did at Sam’s Town Point in Austin, TX circa fall ’14.

Check out a few of my favorites here, and see the full gallery here.

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Quote of the Week ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

past future present thich nhat hanh quote

No one has ever lived in the past or the future – only the now. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

On of my favorite quotes of all time, and a reminder that everyone is here, right now, together. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Christian/Buddhist monk whose profound work has impacted millions, including myself. Feel free to share, and here’s a fun thing:

Click to Tweet: No one has ever lived in the past or the future—only the now. @thichnhathanh

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Cocktails & Country @ No Va

lee jaster no va april 2015 poster

Lee Jaster at No Va Bar and Kitchen on April 23, 2015

It’s that time again, Thursday at No Va in Austin, TX. A special event I like to call, “Cocktails & Country”, but you can call it whatever you like.

Benjamin Levy and Trees Marie will be opening and playing some tunes, y’all know Ben will be joining me on violin/fiddle as well—that’s a given.

Here’s the info and the gig poster. Hope to see y’all there.

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Burn Me Down | Why $75,000 Isn’t Middle Class Anymore

middle class burn me down

Burn Me Down | How $75,000 Isn’t Middle Class

Only 14% of Americans take two weeks or more at a time for vacation. The average American therefore spends more time in the bathroom than on vacation.The Families and Work Institute via Tim Ferris

It’s part of the popular lexicon. “$65,000 is the ‘sweet spot’ of American life. Any more and the money isn’t worth the stress. Any less and money is the stress.”

Time for an update.

The Washington Post recently chronicled the average needs for bills and necessities in several cities. Turns out Read more