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B orn deep in the heart of east Texas, it was the echoes of classic and southern rock that forged Lee Jaster’s sound. Lennon, Clapton, and Allman were the hallowed names of influence that defined an aspiring young guitarist and songwriter. Starting in a small attic turned makeshift studio, Jaster developed, with a little-known band named Royal Cavendish, a distinct poetic rock style all his own.

After moving to Austin, TX to attend the University of Texas, a new sound emerged as he was exposed to the vibrant Texas music scene. Jaster’s introduction to the legends of Texas songwriting provided the polishing ingredients he needed to texture his music, forming a timeless, Americana rock sound.

After releasing his debut album Thirty East in spring 2014, Jaster will release “Western Colorado” as a single in the winter and a new EP detailing what he calls, “Our generation’s inability to understand we’ere all trapped in a state of Stockholm syndrome, more interested in self-reflection than self-awareness, self-promotion than self-love.”

The critique of contemporary culture continues…

“The long and diverse set of Texas singers and songwriters that have come before crafted a distinct and dynamic sound that has become a genre all its own. It is a rich musical tapestry created out of love, loss, sorrow, and happiness that tells so many great stories. It is the honesty and simplicity in Texas Country and Americana music that gives all homegrown Texas songwriters the ability to express their own emotions and stories.”

Lee Jaster


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    Aaron Brand, Texarkana Gazette

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    lee jaster tobacco barn thirty east

    Lee Jaster at tobacco barn in Austin, Texas. | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography

    lee jaster thirty east cover original photo

    Lee Jaster, Thirty East, Original Photo | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography

    lee jaster thirty east promo austin texas

    Lee Jaster in Austin, Texas | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography

    lee jaster guitar thirty east promo

    Lee Jaster with guitar | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography

    lee jaster bible salesmen rattle inn austin texas

    Lee Jaster and The Bible Salesmen @ Rattle Inn | Credit: Jeff Harris Photography

    lee Jaster guitar thirty east promo dalton campbell

    Lee Jaster w/ Guitar | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography

    thirty east lee jaster album cover art

    Thirty East Album Cover Art | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography, Matthew Eskey (Any and All Media) Design

    lee jaster thirty east promo

    Lee Jaster | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography

    lee Jaster tobacco barn austin texas thirty east promo

    Lee Jaster at a tobacco barn in Ausin, TX. | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography

    lee jaster thirty east cd release one 2 one austin texas

    Lee Jaster @ One-2-One Bar, Thirty East CD Release Show | Credit: Dalton Campbell Photography